We offer continued bilingual education & support for ALL devices

Patient Training

Our Devices

We provide mounts for all AAC communication devices


SGD Level 1: iPad with ProLoQuo2Go or Lamp for learning. This is our lowest level device and the most limited choice.

L Series

SGD Level 2: Robust dedicated communication device with integrated speaker, durable antimicrobial casing. It is equipped with Grid software allowing the patient access to all of the Grid Sets Smartbox has to offer. This allows the device to grow with you.


SGD Level 3: G13 is a powerful and fully featured speech generating device ready for use with eye tracking technology. Designed for people with ALS, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury and other conditions that affect speech and mobility.


SGD Level 3: A fully featured communication aid designed for independence. It works with all access methods and features a 15.6” display and rear-facing second screen.

We offer continued bilingual education & support for ALL devices

Alamo Assistive Technology sets itself apart from its competitors because we offer continuous training and support for AAC communication devices. In the world of AAC there is a high prevalence of patients abandoning their devices.

This is primarily due to the lack commitment to patient success. Unlike our competitors we take a personal and customize approach to each individual client which not only enables their success, but ensures repeat customers.

Alamo Assistive Technology has a competitive advantage with our key targets because we have a strong reputation of patient support. Where other vendors are lacking in patient training, we excel at it allowing our patients to get the full experience and benefit of their communication device.

We are also one of the few that can provide complete training in Spanish and English which allows us to reach underserviced patients in the community.

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