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Speech Pathologist / Educator

Did you Know?

Not all Speech Pathologist and Special Education Teachers Know about STAP. Alamo Assistive Technology is here to change that.

We also offer a loaner program – just ask!

Grid 3 allows for remote editing to facilitate educator and Speech involvement in editing.

What is STAP?

The Specialized Telecommunication Assistance Program is a grant program through the state of Texas offered to Texas residents that meet medical necessity. Through the program patients/students that need devices for their communication needs can get free equipment. That means their AAC is covered! STAP covers mounts, key guards, SGD Moisture Guards (durable cases), Switches, and of course SGD Level 1, 2, and 3. (See Our Devices) Your client will get a voucher in the mail that they can exchange with a vendor like Alamo Assistive Technology to get what they need. They are eligible for communication devices every 5 years from age 5 to 99.

How to Start a STAP Application for your Client/Student

Have an appropriate client and need a demo? Fill out the form below. Alamo Assistive Technology can walk you through the process to get you client what they need.


No. Patients/Students are entitled to equipment regardless of income or insurance status. This means you don’t have to worry if there is a lapse in coverage or if their income level changes.
No.  The application must be certified by their Speech Language Pathologist with Wet signature.
Yes!  That is the great thing about STAP, their voucher will still get sent to them and we can get them set up.
No.  The device is covered completely by the voucher.  We provide the equipment and we get reimbursed by the state.