We offer continued bilingual education & support for ALL devices

Specialized Telecommunication Assistance program


In 2008, Teresa Hughes founded “Rapid Assist Technology” with a singular mission: to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their full potential through the strategic application of technology.

In 2017 the leadership of the company was transitioned to her son, Chris Hughes, who adeptly assumed the helm. In the process, he orchestrated a rebranding initiative, culminating in the establishment of “Alamo Assistive Technology.” This rebranding was meticulously designed to signify the company’s evolved focus on providing a voice to those traditionally rendered
voiceless, particularly through the implementation of cutting-edge speech generating devices.

Under Chris’s leadership, Alamo Assistive Technology was able to become a VA registered vendor, an Authorized vendor for the Texas Speech Telecommunications Assistance Program and implemented strategic financial initiatives to enhance profitability. Today Alamo Assistive Technology is a trusted vendor in the realm of AAC and is many clinicians first choice for their

In the coming years, Alamo Assistive Technology is poised to achieve ambitious goals that align with our commitment to enhancing accessibility and support for individuals with communication disabilities.

How to Apply as a Patient

  1. Find appropriate patient meeting clinical criteria.
  2. Refer patient to Alamo Assistive Technology for in home/ clinic Demo of the Grid Pad 15
  3. Either one of these steps is sufficient:
    1. Complete entire application, making sure to obtain a copy of the patient’s current ID and
      patient wet signature and send to the posted address on the application.
    2. The patient can fill out the 1 st page of the STAP app during the patient demo and sign. Alamo
      Assistive Technology will obtain a copy of the ID. The SLP will fill out the remaining 3 pages
      and send to:
      c/o Rebecca Cardona
      12018 Tower Forest
      San Antonio, TX 78253
  4. Alamo Assistive Technology will then mail off the entire application.
  5. The application process may take up to 6 weeks or more. After 6 weeks the SLP or the patient
    can check on the application status in the following ways:
    Email: dhhs.phones@hhsc.state.tx.us
    Call: (512)438-4880
  6. Once the patient receives the voucher, they can notify Alamo Assistive Technology. We will
    order their equipment and schedule a date for set up and training. Training follows the patient
    through out their progress and is completely free. If they require multiple sessions, we are
    happy to do so.


**Important reminder:

The patient must keep their voucher in a safe place and should not write on it. This is what they will
exchange for the device and mount at no out-of-pocket cost to them. STAP is a grant through the state
and does not get funded through financial need. It is available to all who need help communicating.
At anytime during the process feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to use technology to help our clients express what is on their minds and hearts.

Our History

In 2008, Teresa Hughes started "Rapid Assist Technology", with the purpose of helping those with disabilities reach their full potential through the use of technology. ​ In 2017, Teresa passed the company on to her son, Chris. He re-branded the company as Alamo Assistive Technology with a specific focus on giving a voice to the voiceless through speech generating devices.